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Jack and Gill Childcare and Forest School consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced staff from childcare to animal care, offering a plethora of knowledge to teach to your children.


Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.


Tonia Jackson-Robson


Founder of Jack and Gill in 2003.


I hold a CACHE Level 3 Child Care in Learning and Development.


I am also the animal enthusiast and in charge of all of their care. 


Telephone number




Name: Brian Jackson-Robson


Manager and Health and Safety Officer.


Qualified Forest School Leader Level 3 through Archimedes.


Brian previously worked in the ambulance service for 9 years. 


Brian is the head of gardening and growing the produce.


Brian is studying a Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator)


Brian plays the bugle and is an avid book reader.


Name: Benita Mace


Early Years Supervisor and Forest School Leader


Benita has worked in childcare for 33 years.


She is a Level 7 Early Years Teacher, holding a Bachelor of Arts with Honours Third Class Degree in Early Years Education and Childcare and has Early Years Professional Status.


Benita enjoys pottery, archery and iceskating.


Name: Sophie Taylor


Has worked with us since March 2018. She is our Trainee Supervisor.


Sophie holds a CACHE Level 3 in Childcare and Education - Grade A.


Sophie loves cooking and going for country walks.



Name: Sutiwan Rochanapraphai


Forest School Assistant since November 2016.


Holds a NFCE CACHE Level 3 certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools.


Sutiwan speaks 3 languages and is learning a fourth.


Name: Maddie


Forest School Spaniel since 2015


Maddie's speciality is digging, alarm sounding, stealing balls away from Bella and being bossy.





Name: Chilli


Forest School Labrador from 21/2/07-13/9/20


We adopted Chilli when she was 4 months old. She was the Grandma of our team and much loved by the children. 


Chilli’s speciality was being there for cuddles.




Name: Zoe


Forest School Pug since 2018


Zoe is the comedian of the pack. Zoe loves sitting on things (especially other dogs). Her favourite food is a homemade sausage roll.





Name: Bella


Forest School Sheepadoodle since 2018


We adopted Bella at 8 months old, she was 3 in February 2021. 


Bella is also our Head of Security. Bella sounds fierce but she really is a big softie and loves her sofa/cuddle time. Bella also loves chasing - people, animals or anything that moves.





Name: Snowflake


Forest School Chicken since 2019


Snowflake is the tamest one out of our 20 chickens. She will sit on your arm like a parrot. She endures being carried around under the childrens arms. She is the sweetest thing.






We are looking for dedicated and motivated staff to join our existing team. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Contact us here:

Mobile: 07876 069570


As we spend most of our times outdoors, please try the mobile first.


Please also use our contact form to get in touch.


Landline: 01403 588282



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