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All young children need the opportunities to engage in hours of free, unstructured play in the natural world. They learn creativity as they explore and engage and imagine new worlds of their own. Freed from playground rules that restrict (even though they protect), children build strength, develop self-confidence, and learn to manage risks as they trip, stumble, fall, hurt themselves and then correct themselves.
Research shows that the freedom of unstructured time in open spaces helps children learn to focus. And it also just feels good.
Indoors in a room full of noise, bustle and restrictions versus being outside where you can jump, run, shout, create, get muddy or just sit and reflect in the quiet.
I know which I prefer as a human being and I know what I prefer to see and be part of as a practitioner.
Children need to be outside.


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Forest Schooling

Forest Schools. Education as nature intended?

Dec 16, 2017
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What are the benefits of Forest School?

Aug 9, 2017
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Get the kids outside and get muddy!

Apr 2, 2017
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